Heavy Metal Fashion Wear

In the late 60's into the 70's Heavy Metal Music was the new music o­n the block and thus, was very popular. Bands of the age included Alice Cooper and AC/DC who are still ever-present today. By the late 1970's heavy metal music was o­n the decline in terms of popularity in response to the rise of funk and disco.

While these genres are o­n two separate ends of the spectrum (heavy metal music is loud and expressive with imagery overtones and violent themes and disco with a lighter beat and more flowery lyrics) record labels and radio stations of the era were more prone to play the new disco and some of the most hardcore rockers started to get in with disco. This trend was short-lived, however, and by the early 80's heavy metal music had regained it's foothold in the music industry.

Some of the most popular bands of the 1980's include Led Zepplin, who was there at the inception of the heavy metal industry, Pentagram, Queen, and Steppenwolf. The 80's were a time of fun and experimentation with individual style. Heavy metal music lead the revolution through use of customs rich in leathers, metals, and chains. Hairstyles ranged from the tri-colored mohawk to the long hair with the sweatband. These creative styles changed the ways followers of other types of music thought and soon everyone was comfortable wearing the off-the-shoulder ripped sweatshirt and the messy side ponytail.

Brian Johnson, AC/DC
Styles that were o­nce seen as inappropriate or taboo were soon widely accepted soon heavy metal music was the primary choice of music for movie soundtracks, school dances, and commercials. Today, heavy metal still has a large cultural affect o­n youth and new trends. Being an "Emo" is seen as cool, and wearing chains is accepted; again, thanks to Heavy metal music.